About Artist

My Calligraphy is infused with abstract fluid art.


I started painting commercially three and a half years ago, after a protractive push from family and friends. The response has been overwhelming. I am basically a Calligraphy artist. My Calligraphy is infused with abstract fluid art.


My letters are very flowy. I work directly with qalm and brush. Its modern calligraphy merged into old school style of work. With lots of detailing and gold leafing patterns. Gold leafing plays an integral part in my paintings as I find it a comfort zone to play with. I always use Gold leafing in Various applicable techniques which gives my artworks an upgrade to shine out from the dullness of routine. Also Painting Sufis is one of my passions and their life like swirly drapery depicts nothing but state of corporality in one’s mind. The Halos I use over the dervish symbolizes tranquility. To me the world is a place full of chaos and mayhem, everyone needs a source of escape in it. My Halos are actually that source of escape and struggle we put into. We all are tangled into the war between the worldly mayhem and inner peace.


My dervish is the foreground of Calligraphic Quranic verses and Rumis quotes which again translates serenity. My majors is in miniature and abstracts. Painting horses is my therapeutic way of expression lately. I enjoy making ferocious eyes with lots of detailing and depths. Painting is more than a therapy for me, which I cherish more than anything. I work with mix media acrylics and oils mainly, also would love to explore my horizon of variability with fluid arts and miniatures. My main focus is always to bring out as many mediums merged beautifully into one Canvas, giving the overall effect of an optical illusion.

My stainless steel laser cut calligraphy also plays integral part in my style of work. The patterns I make in stainless steel are most aesthetic furniture pieces which are one of a kind on